#FridayFirsts: Shutter #1

img_8829Given I am new to the comics universe, I thought it’d be handy to sort through some of the first issues that I pick, what I enjoyed / didn’t enjoy and if I decided to proceed with the series. I’d love to hear what you think too, make sure you hit me up on Twitter – @remotetragic.

I picked up this title from the great crew at Collectors Edge.

I hadn’t heard anything about this comic when I first picked it up, but upon first read I was instantly struck by how captivating the story is and how incredible the illustrations are.

What’s it about?

Kate Kristopher is the daughter of an explorer, from a family of explorers. The story begins as Kate is a young girl with her father exploring the moon on her seventh birthday.

“All worlds are yours now.”

Fast forward to exactly  20 years later, Kate’s 27 and the world has completely changed. She’s not exactly celebrating her birthday, and after meeting with friends, she goes to the cemetery to spend time with her father. Here, the story dramatically changes and the turn of events almost had me leaping out of my seat!


I absolutely loved this comic! The story grabbed me immediately and I was instantly transported into the story. I felt like I was part of this audience, that flowed from each scene naturally and that was incredible. The illustrations, as I mentioned earlier are beautiful. There are full page spreads where just no words are required, the artistry tells the whole story.

I can’t wait to continue the journey with this comic and see where goes. At this time, the story could go anywhere. Two big thumbs up from me!




Do you have any comic recommendations for me? Let me know in the comments below or via my Twitter –@remotetragic.

Comic cover image taken by myself
Other images / gifs sourced from Google.