Review: Rogue One

rogueoneI took the opportunity over the holidays to see Rogue One – A Star Wars Story. My, was it incredible! In a cruel sense of irony, I had booked the movie in a few days before – and the day I went to see it, was the day the great Carrie Fisher passed away.

I was so excited to see Ben Mendelsohn in this film. He did an excellent job as the Imperial weapons developer, Orson Krennic – the smug, smarmy look perfectly fit the character and he captured every essence of the evilness that we have come to expect from the Imperial side.

The thing that I absolutely I adore about the latest Star Wars films are that the diverse casting that goes into the main character line up. It feels inclusive and bringing the community on board to tell this incredible story.

We travel to 15 years later where Jyn, who I am convinced, is my spirit animal, has been captured by the Imperial forces and is freed by Cassian, a Rebel intelligence officer. Through the film, we discover the Jyn’s father was kidnapped by Krennic, 15 years earlier to finish off the Death Star. Through sending a message to the outside (via a defected Imperial pilot), we learn that he has deliberately put a weakness in the Death Star and the plans will be able to reveal all.

The action that takes place when the Rebel fleet steals the Death Star plans is incredible. Like The Force Awakens, I was completely blown away by how intricate and well done these were.

I wasn’t at all prepared for the end, without giving massive spoilers, I had grown very attached to Jyn and Cassian so I was disappointed by their fate (while I understand it was necessary!) The final scenes of film are fitting as we see the princess of the galaxy, Princess Leia, declaring the plans provides hope.

*cue ugly crying here*

Literally, it was not pretty!

Overall, I loved the film.Quick shout out to the K-2SO, a reprogrammed Imperial droid. It was hilarious!

Rogue One slid in as my favourite movie of 2016 – which was a huge call given some of the blockbusters I had the fortune of seeing last year, and up until this point Doctor Strange was proudly wearing the crown!

I am not a massive Star Wars fan, admittedly, but the last two films I have just loved so much. Now is the best time ever to get into the films. Give them a go!



Movie Review: Suicide Squad

I avoided the reviews prior to going to the movie because I really didn’t want to be influenced by some guy who has a chip on his shoulder that’s in desperate need of some salsa. I did hear whispers though, via Twitter and Facebook from people (fans?) quick to cut the movie down and sprout from the rooftops all the things that they absolutely hated about the movie.


I really don’t know if we watched the same movie.

If you are going to this film and expecting an Avengers-esque masterpiece, than you will be disappointed. The Avengers (and all the characters in that film) have spent years developing and building relationships with the audiences. I feel (strictly my opinion) as Jared-Leto-Joker-Tattoos-Teeththough DC Comics are going through a reset moment, taking the time to rebuild a movie franchise akin to The Avengers, but in their own way. Superman first, then Batman vs Superman and now with Suicide Squad. You need to give these moments time to grow, build and develop.

I loved Jared Leto’s take on The Joker. I think he portrayed the deranged, damaged individual how I envisioned him to be, right down to the soft spot  and protectiveness that he harbours for Harley Quinn. His look, I thought was fab. From the grill, to the tattoos to the maddening look on his face. I feel that it was a real modern take to a character that has been portrayed many times throughout the Batman franchises and an opportunity to set this Joker, in this movie franchise a part from all the others that have come before him.

Margot RobbieI thought Margot Robbie did a fantastic job with Harley Quinn. I liked that there was a throwback to the Jester Harley, as well as the Harley we see throughout the movie. I liked her one-liners, the way her quirkiness punctuates the story and how she interacted with the other members of the Squad. I also enjoyed, that no matter what other relationships she forms with people, she will always go back to The Joker. I mean, he is her ultimate weakness after all right?

The other characters, Deadshot, El Diablo, Captain Boomerang and Killer Croc, I also enjoyed. Killer Croc has great one-liners and looks… awesome (I almost likened him to Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy, but his vocabulary is obviously a bit more developed!)

I liked Captain Boomerang, Jai Courtney does a fab job with him and ironically, I really enjoyed the super turned up Aussie accent. I found it funny AF!  I think being Australian I just appreciated it more.

This is the first film I’ve seen Will Smith in – in ages. I thought he did… awesome. Maybe it’s because I’ve been re-watching episodes of Fresh Prince, you just can’t be mad at something that Will does. Deadshot is such a great character and I think did a good job leading the Suicide Squad unwittingly into battle. I liked the background story that they showed and his ultimate weakness – his daughter.

My fave character of the lot is El Diablo. From a development perspective, he made me feel empathy and bad for him – even though he did something so horribly wrong! I love/hate those moments in a film when you realise you feel bad… for the bad guy!

Okay – so just going to touch on the things that I did find confusing – but hopefully will be resolved with an uncut/extended version of the film or even future movies in the DC Alternate Universe.

  • There are parts of the film that feel choppy and rushed. By this I mean, the story can jump around a bit and can be a bit confusing. The characters (in my opinion) carry this film with how engaging and fun that they are.
  • The story line it’s just not that strong.There’s no common enemy, no reason to unite except staying alive and then getting thrown back into jail at a reduced sentence (which given that most of them have life sentences, that’s almost pointless eh?). I think given we see so little of the storyline in the trailers – it really is a film about the characters, which leads me to believe that it’s just not that important.
  • The Suicide Squad are told they are fighting terrorism, but the reality is they are fighting a problem that the Security Intelligence agent Amanda Waller created. I guess I am not suppose to like Amanda Waller, which is good – because I walked away from the film hating her. Hating the person that is suppose to be protecting or acting in the best interests of human people. WUT?
  • I don’t feel that the love story between June Moore and Rick Flag was really developed enough in the film to make me feel something. Because I didn’t. When she became Enchantress and he was going to have to kill her, it was kind of like,


    I would have loved to have seen more of their story, their love and be able to connect with it a bit more and become emotionally invested in it. Without that I just didn’t care what happened to her, him and their story together.

All in all, I thought Suicide Squad was a fun movie. I laughed out loud in parts, I went in with no expectations and enjoyed the characters. The characters really carried the movie for me, their personalities, one-liners and the eagerness to see more, watch them become these really rad people.

Give the film a go. Go and have fun and just switch off for the two hours. I did – and really enjoyed it.

Till next time,