Review: Rogue One

rogueoneI took the opportunity over the holidays to see Rogue One – A Star Wars Story. My, was it incredible! In a cruel sense of irony, I had booked the movie in a few days before – and the day I went to see it, was the day the great Carrie Fisher passed away.

I was so excited to see Ben Mendelsohn in this film. He did an excellent job as the Imperial weapons developer, Orson Krennic – the smug, smarmy look perfectly fit the character and he captured every essence of the evilness that we have come to expect from the Imperial side.

The thing that I absolutely I adore about the latest Star Wars films are that the diverse casting that goes into the main character line up. It feels inclusive and bringing the community on board to tell this incredible story.

We travel to 15 years later where Jyn, who I am convinced, is my spirit animal, has been captured by the Imperial forces and is freed by Cassian, a Rebel intelligence officer. Through the film, we discover the Jyn’s father was kidnapped by Krennic, 15 years earlier to finish off the Death Star. Through sending a message to the outside (via a defected Imperial pilot), we learn that he has deliberately put a weakness in the Death Star and the plans will be able to reveal all.

The action that takes place when the Rebel fleet steals the Death Star plans is incredible. Like The Force Awakens, I was completely blown away by how intricate and well done these were.

I wasn’t at all prepared for the end, without giving massive spoilers, I had grown very attached to Jyn and Cassian so I was disappointed by their fate (while I understand it was necessary!) The final scenes of film are fitting as we see the princess of the galaxy, Princess Leia, declaring the plans provides hope.

*cue ugly crying here*

Literally, it was not pretty!

Overall, I loved the film.Quick shout out to the K-2SO, a reprogrammed Imperial droid. It was hilarious!

Rogue One slid in as my favourite movie of 2016 – which was a huge call given some of the blockbusters I had the fortune of seeing last year, and up until this point Doctor Strange was proudly wearing the crown!

I am not a massive Star Wars fan, admittedly, but the last two films I have just loved so much. Now is the best time ever to get into the films. Give them a go!



Review: Oz Comic Con (Melbourne)

IMG_8786This weekend I ventured to Oz Comic Con with HolyBatGirl, despite being a seasoned Supanova / AMC / Armageddon veteran, this was my very *first* Comic Con!

The layout inside was pretty amazing, so many different retailers and the space was *huge*.

I was surprised there weren’t *many* comic book retailers there, but there was definitely enough to satisfy my eager hands (and my wallet!) for the comics to check out. I picked up copies of Batman: Hush and Suicide Squad: Kicked in the Teeth (The New 52/Vol 1). The other thing I was surprised about was the amount of kids there with their parents, which was great – but also how parents just had zero idea of what comics entails these days. I saw at least, two kids (maybe aged 7 -9) each with a copy of Batman: The Killing Joke. It’s definitely not a comic I’d recommend for that age group (definitely a mature comic!), so I was just surprised really that they were happily buying this kind of material for their kids. Maybe I am just a bit old-fashioned in my thinking there – which is entirely possible!

IMG_8793The cosplayers did an incredible job as always, with one of my favourites being this guy dressed up as Chewbacca. Not only did he look amazing, but when he opened his mouth, he made the Chewbacca sound as well! The venue was pretty warm, so massive respect for keeping the costume on for as long as he did!

I loved the different areas of which captured different people’s attention. There was an online gaming, skermish and a trivia area (just to name a few!). Such a great opportunity to meet new people and to bond people that have a shared interest.

IMG_8794Overall, I found the day to be really fun. I am glad that we got food before going inside (the lines were super crazy for the cafe!). But it was the perfect day to spend with friends and geek out over nerdy stuff!

The only part of the day I found a bit disappointing was at the start. The line up outside (to get in) was chaotic and very disorganised. Probably one of the most disorganised lines I have ever been in. At one point, one of the volunteers on the microphone encouraged people to ‘bunch up’ (and we were already pretty close with each other, so any closer it was actually an invasion of space) and she advised the ‘rules of Comic Con’ is that you can occupy any empty space in front of you, even if the people in front of you are not paying attention you can sneak in front. Part of me feels that it just wasn’t respectful to your neighbour to do something like that and ‘not in the spirit’ of any kind of Comic Con. The other part that made me feel… well nervous and anxious (being a part of a huge group of people like that was overwhelming!), was that if you needed to get out of the line for any reason, it was really hard to get out! I’d love for this to be refined for next year and a much more user friendly, considerate option is explored.

Two thumbs up Oz Comic Con crew. Can’t wait for next year!