Review: AMC Expo 2016 (Melbourne)

img_0223I ventured to the AMC Expo over the weekend with my partner in crime, HolyBatGirl (HBG).

I had a slow, sluggish start to the morning. I didn’t end up getting there until just before 11am (almost a whole hour after I was suppose to meeting HBG!) and it was then I realised… I’d missed the Daniel Davis photo session.

I was so mad at myself, but bless the crew at AMC – they had a chat with Daniel, his minder, and the photographer – and secured me a session at 4pm! I was completely blown away by how wonderful and lovely every single volunteer and employee that worked at AMC. Because let’s face it, everyone could have said to me – ‘Too bad so sad.’ but the fact everyone was so accommodating, so lovely and so friendly – made this con one of my most fave cons I’ve been to this year. Pleasant interactions go such a long way with me!

Meeting Daniel was awesome – anyone that has met me, knows that I am just such a huge fan of 90’s television and The Nanny is near the top of the list! He was very friendly, chatty and talked about how much he loved Australia. He was last here in 1997, where he presented at The Logies. Not even going to even attempt to convey how much I popped for The Logies mention!

The atmosphere at AMC was completely different to any of the other Melbourne cons I had been to in 2016. It was so relaxed – it wasn’t as busy as any of the other cons (really not a bad thing! It was so hot in the place and I like being able to really take my time to walk around without bumping into people!) and I think I am getting to the point of identifying which con caters to which audience and which one I prefer more.

img_0241HBG and I bumped into some friends, and I think it’s safe to say we are now building a ‘con family’.

Can we just appreciate for a moment the incredible cosplay work of Stacey (Ghostbusters cosplay)  & Bianca (Cersei cosplay)? Witnessing how patient they were with all the people that wanted photos and posed happily. So rad! Was also super rad to meet ‘HeelSimba’ for the first time (well properly, I am sure our paths have crossed many times before that! haha)

The other thing that I really liked about AMC is the free play console gaming area (what a rad idea!), the colouring station (just to chillax!) and the free play board game area. I am beginning to get a deeper appreciation for board games as I am getting older.

All in all, AMC Expo was a huge success. Caught up with friends (new and old), met someone who I thought was totally rad and got to have an awesome adventure with my bestie. WINNING!

Here are some pictures that I absolutely loved of some of the cosplay from Jesse Singh Photography. More can be found on his Facebook page, all photos have been used with his permission.



Review: AVCon 2016 (Adelaide)

IMG_9225I spent the weekend in Adelaide and went  to my very first AVCon! Now for those that aren’t familiar with AVCon, it’s Adelaide’s Anime & Video Games Festival.

I was a bit unsure at first if I was going to enjoy myself, my knowledge on anime is basically zero. But I was pleasantly surprised and had such a blast!

Firstly, I was so impressed that there was a ReachOut room on site, to give those that may get overwhelmed with the high energy or the crowds a place to have a time out. Super highly impressed.

IMG_9241Secondly, there was a section of where ‘The Big Game Theory’ facilitated a board game library of where you could try an array of games with friends (or even join a game with strangers) and be able to have some time to hang out. That was pretty awesome, and really made the ‘Weekend Pass’ that I had completely worth it. It meant I could spend one day of really taking everything in (the stalls, the cos play and the other parts of the convention) and then take my time learning a new game, ‘Super Fight’ with friends.

IMG_9207Thirdly, there was a whole section dedicated to indie games. By that, independent game inventors could bring their games and inventions to the convention and live beta test them with the crowd. I met one person who invented a basketball game on a Commodore ’64 and I got an opportunity to play it with him. It was super cool, and I was so impressed that people used their free time and passion in such a constructive way. Not to mention, the quality of the games BLEW MY MIND!

IMG_9247The cosplayers were in fine form again, and I absolutely loved how respectful and polite everyone was to each other. I am sure it’s because the Convention centre is so spacious, at no point did I ever feel claustrophobic or being shoved to one side. Everyone around was constantly putting Pokemon Go lures down, and whenever a good Pokemon would appear, everyone would exclaim and help each other out.

The other thing I was impressed with it were the lanyards. Everyone wore a ticket lanyard which sported the mascot for the year and made the entry flawless – especially if you picked up your passes on the Friday!

All in all, I had a brilliant time. I cannot wait for next year, I’ll so be back!