Review: Rogue One

rogueoneI took the opportunity over the holidays to see Rogue One – A Star Wars Story. My, was it incredible! In a cruel sense of irony, I had booked the movie in a few days before – and the day I went to see it, was the day the great Carrie Fisher passed away.

I was so excited to see Ben Mendelsohn in this film. He did an excellent job as the Imperial weapons developer, Orson Krennic – the smug, smarmy look perfectly fit the character and he captured every essence of the evilness that we have come to expect from the Imperial side.

The thing that I absolutely I adore about the latest Star Wars films are that the diverse casting that goes into the main character line up. It feels inclusive and bringing the community on board to tell this incredible story.

We travel to 15 years later where Jyn, who I am convinced, is my spirit animal, has been captured by the Imperial forces and is freed by Cassian, a Rebel intelligence officer. Through the film, we discover the Jyn’s father was kidnapped by Krennic, 15 years earlier to finish off the Death Star. Through sending a message to the outside (via a defected Imperial pilot), we learn that he has deliberately put a weakness in the Death Star and the plans will be able to reveal all.

The action that takes place when the Rebel fleet steals the Death Star plans is incredible. Like The Force Awakens, I was completely blown away by how intricate and well done these were.

I wasn’t at all prepared for the end, without giving massive spoilers, I had grown very attached to Jyn and Cassian so I was disappointed by their fate (while I understand it was necessary!) The final scenes of film are fitting as we see the princess of the galaxy, Princess Leia, declaring the plans provides hope.

*cue ugly crying here*

Literally, it was not pretty!

Overall, I loved the film.Quick shout out to the K-2SO, a reprogrammed Imperial droid. It was hilarious!

Rogue One slid in as my favourite movie of 2016 – which was a huge call given some of the blockbusters I had the fortune of seeing last year, and up until this point Doctor Strange was proudly wearing the crown!

I am not a massive Star Wars fan, admittedly, but the last two films I have just loved so much. Now is the best time ever to get into the films. Give them a go!



Review: AVCon 2016 (Adelaide)

IMG_9225I spent the weekend in Adelaide and went  to my very first AVCon! Now for those that aren’t familiar with AVCon, it’s Adelaide’s Anime & Video Games Festival.

I was a bit unsure at first if I was going to enjoy myself, my knowledge on anime is basically zero. But I was pleasantly surprised and had such a blast!

Firstly, I was so impressed that there was a ReachOut room on site, to give those that may get overwhelmed with the high energy or the crowds a place to have a time out. Super highly impressed.

IMG_9241Secondly, there was a section of where ‘The Big Game Theory’ facilitated a board game library of where you could try an array of games with friends (or even join a game with strangers) and be able to have some time to hang out. That was pretty awesome, and really made the ‘Weekend Pass’ that I had completely worth it. It meant I could spend one day of really taking everything in (the stalls, the cos play and the other parts of the convention) and then take my time learning a new game, ‘Super Fight’ with friends.

IMG_9207Thirdly, there was a whole section dedicated to indie games. By that, independent game inventors could bring their games and inventions to the convention and live beta test them with the crowd. I met one person who invented a basketball game on a Commodore ’64 and I got an opportunity to play it with him. It was super cool, and I was so impressed that people used their free time and passion in such a constructive way. Not to mention, the quality of the games BLEW MY MIND!

IMG_9247The cosplayers were in fine form again, and I absolutely loved how respectful and polite everyone was to each other. I am sure it’s because the Convention centre is so spacious, at no point did I ever feel claustrophobic or being shoved to one side. Everyone around was constantly putting Pokemon Go lures down, and whenever a good Pokemon would appear, everyone would exclaim and help each other out.

The other thing I was impressed with it were the lanyards. Everyone wore a ticket lanyard which sported the mascot for the year and made the entry flawless – especially if you picked up your passes on the Friday!

All in all, I had a brilliant time. I cannot wait for next year, I’ll so be back!