In late 2016, I begun practicing the attitude of gratitude.

This means, that I actively engage in personal reflection, taking the time to be grateful and thankful for the people, experiences and the surroundings in my life.

Why are you doing this?

In mid 2015, I walked away from a relationship I had been in for over 11 years. This was my entire adult life! I had been unhappy for a while, and it clicked to me one day that the only person in control and that could change this unhappiness was me. I could change it.

So I did. Armed with just my clothes and my dog, Ruby, I moved out and left behind the relationship and started the journey of starting over. This was the most difficult thing I have ever done, there were nights I cried, screamed and was so angry that I had spent so many years building a life and a home with someone to only walk away with nothing.

It wasn’t until I took a step back and realised – I walked away with *everything*.

I have an incredible support network of people that love me, that have taken me under their wings and have guided me back onto the new path. Once I stopped being hateful, I had every reason to be grateful. How grateful I was that the experience hasn’t ruined me, that I still believe in love. How grateful I am for my family, that their unwavering support and love has put me on this incredible path of gratitude. How grateful I am that I still have my amazing little furkid, Ruby, who is truly the light of my days.

I feel at peace with the world, bask in my incredible surroundings and smile at the wins I achieve every day.