Captain America: Civil War – Team Thor

Hilarious. Love this clip that’s a special extra in Captain America: Civil War but was also featured at Comic Con 2016. Chris Hemsworth is a riot!


So many trailers!

So many new trailers to feast your eyes on! Been enjoying these a lot and already watched them both a few times over!

I am seeing Suicide Squad with friends next week, and this special trailer from Comic Con peaked my excitement!

I am super excited for Wonder Woman, how great does it look?

What a time to be a comic fan!

Check out the trailers below:

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Review – Thor: Goddess of Thunder (Vol 1)

thor goddess of thunder vol 1
Today, I thought I’d do something a bit different and review one of my very first digital comic reads – Thor: Goddess of Thunder (Vol 1). Normally, there’d be a cheesy photo of me holding up the comic – but I discovered that’s pretty hard with a digital comic! So I’ve included a lovely image of what the comic looks like for your viewing pleasure.

I think the cover(s) are incredible striking and really sets the tone of what we can expect from ‘new’ Thor.


Note: This review will be safe to read, as I won’t be revealing the identity of Thor – I want you all to have the same reaction I did when I found out. The reaction was something like this (picture to the right), which was all sorts of embarrassing because I was on a full flight from Adelaide to Melbourne. Somehow I don’t think the woman beside me appreciated my awfully timed loud gasp as the plane was descending.

I have a Marvel Unlimited subscription so on I jumped on shortly after watching HolyBatGirl‘s review (see below for link to this) and devoured the first eight issues in record time.  As I am new to the comic world, I’ve taken to digital subscriptions really quickly. I love having something physical in the book shelf, but sometimes my life style means that I am just not able to carry comics around with me. I guess if you are an up to date comic reader the only downfall would be that there is a period of wait time before some comics become available on the digital service. Lucky for me I don’t (really) have that problem… yet.

thor goddess of thunderIn Thor: Goddess of War we see (new) Thor is an empowered woman waving around the Mjölnir. The way she navigates her way through this new path is exciting and I love how the reader is instantly taken on this journey, including the problem solving aspect which induced some laugh out loud moments (again, see above awkward full flight moment). The empowered woman theme also flows on to Freya, the All-Mother of Asgardia. I adore seeing her stand up to Odin in parts and act in what she feels is best for Asgard.

We also see the way former Thor (now known in this review as Prince of Asgard) and his father struggle with the fact he is ‘no longer worthy’ to hold Mjölnir, a sub story I think would hit home for a lot of people, I know it did for me!

I love the up close comic frames of the characters, especially Thor and Prince of Asgard. The detail is extraordinary and it goes a long way in conveying the emotions involved with the flow of the story. I also enjoy depending on the location of the characters, there is a strong colour theme to really make each planet stand out and make it clear that the story is moving.

The other thing I felt that was done well is that the secret identity of Thor was drawn out until issue 8. It really helped build Thor up appropriately and the focus wasn’t so much on who she was, but how she was navigating through the journey and her newfound ‘worth’. It really paid off to be patient!

I recommend Thor: Goddess of War, it was a good read now I am hankering for more! I was inspired to read this comic after watching this vlog from my bestie, HolyBatGirl.

Do you have any comic recommendations for me? Let me know in the comments below or via my Twitter – @remotetragic.