Review: Constantine – The Spark & The Flame V1

img_8941Thanks to Moleh5 on Twitter for this excellent recommendation and borrow of this comic!

I’ve heard some great things about this comic, so I was really keen to give it a read.

We meet John Constantine, a powerful mage, who is set on making the world balanced and at whatever cost. He has little people close to him – which makes some of the decisions he makes understandable and they make sense, even if they aren’t completely morally right.

Through a series of events, he is battling very powerful forces that want to get their hands on instruments that could cause much destruction to our world. Constantine is at odds with these individuals but always manages to talk himself around.

The illustrations are beautiful in this comic, the full colour pages really help punctuate the flow and dramatically tell the story.

I liked the way Constantine narrates the comic, its natural and doesn’t feel forced. The character of Constantine is quite well written, and has a lot of depth and complexities beyond a character I’ve read before.

The story itself, I enjoyed but it was probably not my favourite. I think it may have to do with the subject matter (which is crazy when you think about how much I love Harry Potter), but there was just something about the magic element that I just didn’t enjoy *as* much and I just wasn’t able to get as immersed into it as I would have liked.

Do you have any comic recommendations for me? Let me know in the comments below or via my Twitter –@remotetragic.


Comic image taken by me
GIF sourced on Google


2 thoughts on “Review: Constantine – The Spark & The Flame V1

  1. I really enjoyed this volume and run of Constantine, certainly worth checking out later volumes if they do them. One series I enjoyed recently was Reyn from Image Comics, both volumes of that series is out now. It kinda melds Sci-Fi and fantasy, it only ran for about 10 or 12 issues but it was good.

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