[3 Day Quote Challenge] Day 3 – Hazel (Saga)

sagaThank you to Lethis for nominating me!

In line with the theme of my blog, I have decided to make each of my quotes comic related.

This quote comes from Saga, which is a comic I reviewed way back when at Free Comic Book Day (FCBD).I’ve since gone on to read Volume 1 and it was *brilliant*. But do we expect anything less from the great Brian K. Vaughan?

There’s something about this quote that’s just so… beautiful, real and refreshingly honest about who we are as human beings and where we come from.

“Once upon a time, each of us was somebody’s kid.
Everyone had a father, even if he never provided anything more than his seed.
Everyone had a mother, even if she had to leave us on a stranger’s doorstep.
No matter how we’re eventually raised, all of our stories begin the exact same way.
They all end the same, too.”

The way Hazel’s dialogue is within the frames of the comic (as though they are just small little features of the story) but are so pivotal and so insightful. I love this quote, especially the last line, our stories are what we make them to be. We are put on this earth the same and leave the same too, but what’s between – that’s up to us. It’s quite inspiring when you think about it!


Today I nominate:

If you want to participate, the rules are simple
Three quotes for three days (consecutive or not, your pick).
The quotes can be about whatever, from whomever.
Three nominees each day (no repetitions).
Thank the person who nominated you.
Inform the nominees.

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