[3 Day Quote Challenge] Day 1 – Rorschach

WatchmenThank you to Lethis for nominating me!

In line with the theme of my blog, I have decided to make each of my quotes comic related.

My first quote, comes from my most favourite comic – ever. The Watchmen.

The first quote comes at the start of the comic:

Rorschach’s Journal. October 12th, 1985: Dog carcass in alley this morning, tire tread on burst stomach. This city is afraid of me. I have seen its true face. The streets are extended gutters and the gutters are full of blood and when the drains finally scab over, all the vermin will drown. The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout “Save us!”… and I’ll whisper “no.”

rorschach_wallpaperIt really sets the tone for the brutality and the absolute revulsion against superheroes / vigilantes throughout the comic. The community has a distrust against the very people that want to protect them.

Rorschach isn’t my fave character in the comic, but it’s his constant quest for justice (no matter what means and at what cost) to mask his own pain that definitely keeps the story going.

The other quote from Rorschach that I loved in the comic is this one:

“You see, Doctor, God didn’t kill that little girl. Fate didn’t butcher her and destiny didn’t feed her to those dogs. If God saw what any of us did that night he didn’t seem to mind. From then on I knew… God doesn’t make the world this way. We do.”

Our actions have consequences. The fate of ourselves and others is what we make of it. It’s good to remember.

Today I nominate:

If you want to participate, the rules are simple
Three quotes for three days (consecutive or not, your pick).
The quotes can be about whatever, from whomever.
Three nominees each day (no repetitions).
Thank the person who nominated you.
Inform the nominees.


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