#FridayFirsts: Hawkeye – The Bishop’s Man #1

IMG_9441Given I am new to the comics universe, I thought it’d be handy to sort through some of the first issues that I pick, what I enjoyed / didn’t enjoy and if I decided to proceed with the series. I’d love to hear what you think too, make sure you hit me up on Twitter – @remotetragic.

Thanks to NJGalea on Twitter for this awesome recommendation!

I’ve heard so many great things about this comic and it absolutely did not disappoint.

I really love how it flicked back and forth between present time and twenty years ahead. It gave a nice little taste of what’s to come, what the consequences are for some of the decisions that have been made and it had me wanting more big time. I also really loved how the comic style (colouring and the way the characters have been drawn) differs from each time period. It gives a real distinction about now and future and is brilliant.

Kate Bishop is one of those strong characters that I love, she’s sassy and she has no trouble expressing what she’s thinking. I love how in future state she makes Hawkeye an organisation, to keep the legacy going (something she jabs Clint about when they meet 20 years later).

I am pretty familiar with Clint already from the Avengers movies – so it’s actually a bit hard putting that to the side when reading a comic like this. But his easy going, chill nature shines right through – which is endearing and irritating (from a female perspective) all at the same time.

Will I continue the series? Um… YES. I’m hooked! I was so disappointed when I got the end of the single issue, that I think I pouted.

Here’s to a great comic that hooks people in.

excited-sheldon (1)


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