Review: AVCon 2016 (Adelaide)

IMG_9225I spent the weekend in Adelaide and went  to my very first AVCon! Now for those that aren’t familiar with AVCon, it’s Adelaide’s Anime & Video Games Festival.

I was a bit unsure at first if I was going to enjoy myself, my knowledge on anime is basically zero. But I was pleasantly surprised and had such a blast!

Firstly, I was so impressed that there was a ReachOut room on site, to give those that may get overwhelmed with the high energy or the crowds a place to have a time out. Super highly impressed.

IMG_9241Secondly, there was a section of where ‘The Big Game Theory’ facilitated a board game library of where you could try an array of games with friends (or even join a game with strangers) and be able to have some time to hang out. That was pretty awesome, and really made the ‘Weekend Pass’ that I had completely worth it. It meant I could spend one day of really taking everything in (the stalls, the cos play and the other parts of the convention) and then take my time learning a new game, ‘Super Fight’ with friends.

IMG_9207Thirdly, there was a whole section dedicated to indie games. By that, independent game inventors could bring their games and inventions to the convention and live beta test them with the crowd. I met one person who invented a basketball game on a Commodore ’64 and I got an opportunity to play it with him. It was super cool, and I was so impressed that people used their free time and passion in such a constructive way. Not to mention, the quality of the games BLEW MY MIND!

IMG_9247The cosplayers were in fine form again, and I absolutely loved how respectful and polite everyone was to each other. I am sure it’s because the Convention centre is so spacious, at no point did I ever feel claustrophobic or being shoved to one side. Everyone around was constantly putting Pokemon Go lures down, and whenever a good Pokemon would appear, everyone would exclaim and help each other out.

The other thing I was impressed with it were the lanyards. Everyone wore a ticket lanyard which sported the mascot for the year and made the entry flawless – especially if you picked up your passes on the Friday!

All in all, I had a brilliant time. I cannot wait for next year, I’ll so be back!


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