#FridayFirsts: Americatown #1

IMG_8803Given I am new to the comics universe, I thought it’d be handy to sort through some of the first issues that I pick, what I enjoyed / didn’t enjoy and if I decided to proceed with the series. I’d love to hear what you think too, make sure you hit me up on Twitter – @remotetragic.

This week, I had a look at Americantown #1. I picked up this copy from the amazing crew at All Star Comics.

What an intriguing cover! From the looks, I was thinking it would be about some sort of radical American town. How wrong I was!

The colour palate is very dark and in line with the tone of the comic. It does an excellent job of transferring the reader into the moment and the action.

The story takes us on journey of a group of people that have arrived to unknown waters via boat and picked up by strangers. Clearly a people smuggling operation, the people have to pay for their freedom once they arrive back at the designated house. There, we learn that one of the people smugglers and one of the guys working on the operation are father and son. After an evening of a sneaky video phone call home, the police raid the property and the father and son escape together in a van, only to be separated when they are running away.

This comic is intense and the subject matter is one that is a tough one. It definitely left me wondering what happens next and I am curious! Would I pick up more issues in this series? Yes – it’s a short series (eight issues in total) and really gripping from the get go. It has a political tone too, so if you are into those type of comics, then I’d say you’d enjoy this to.

Are there any first issues you’d like to see me review? Feel free to leave me a comment below or on Twitter – @remotetragic with your suggestions!


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