Review: Y: The Last Man (Book 1)

y the last manThanks to Sterling_Rick on Twitter for this incredible recommendation!

I began reading Saga, raved on Twitter about how great and different the story was and Rick suggested (and nudged a few times!) to give Y: The Last Man a try.

What’s the comic about?

Yorrick Brown, literally  is the last man (along with his monkey), after every living mammal with a Y chromosome simultaneously die. Yorrick’s mother, a member of the United States government, becomes the president after all the men that proceed her die. Yorrick becomes fixated on finding his girlfriend/fiancee in Australia and tracking down a scientist to give answers as to why this occurred – not necessarily in that order. But a lesbian movement, who are convinced that men were erased from the planet for a reason, discover Yorrick’s existence and it becomes their mission to remove him as well.


Within the first few pages, I was hooked. Brian K Vaughan is brilliant in transporting from the reader directly into the world. At points of the story I felt like I was standing there, as part of the conversation. Which is so incredible, not to mention he’s character development is *out of this world*! Watching the main character, Yorrick, use his abilities (he’s an escape artist) that were not of much use before the man wipe out, and show just how useful these abilities are in the new world.

The illustrations in this comic are… incredible. Just… incredible. I can’t convey in words how symbolic some of the parts are with regards to the story. It definitely helps with that element of transporting the reader to the conversation, to the place of time of where the action is taking place.

It’s a short story arc (three  paperback volumes in total) and one that I am really interested in completing to see how (hopefully) Yorrick changes the world.

Do you have any comic recommendations for me? Let me know in the comments below or via my Twitter – @remotetragic.


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