Review: The Flash (The New 52!) Move Forward Vol 1

IMG_8817Thanks to @Moleh5 on Twitter for this awesome recommendation!

My knowledge of The Flash is limited at best, I don’t think I have even seen an episode of the TV show. But after watching HolyBatGirl’s Comic Book Academy vlog on ‘The New 52’, I was keen to start picking up some of the titles – I just didn’t know where to start.

Barry Allen, a Central City police scientist was struck by lightening when doused in chemicals. Herein born was the Fastest Man Alive – The Flash. The Flash: Move Forward is comprised of issues 1-8, which see’s him faced with a few problems that even he can’t fix.

We meet one of his oldest friends, who returns but with a mob wanting answers and life. One of The Flash’s arch nemisis, plots his escape from the a maximum security prison to settle things ‘once and for all’ with The Flash.

It becomes painfully obvious that The Flash himself is abundantly unaware of the prowess of his powers. He is learning constantly and every day on how to best utilise and how he can be the most effective.

The thing with this particular comic is that the artwork is beautiful and absolutely pivotal in the story-telling. The extraordinary detail that is in frames help punctuate the story is gorgeous. It went a long way in illustrating on what was happening throughout the story and provided clues on The Flash’s history and how to move forward (no pun intended!). I also felt that it provided a real old-school feel to The Flash as well, the colours are soft yet striking when action was taking place.

I really enjoyed this series, I am keen to see what happens next (particularly with Iris!) and how the wormhole gaps in time continue to progress – especially after reading DC Rebirth. Make sure you check out my review on DC Rebirth as well.

Do you have any comic recommendations for me? Let me know in the comments below or via my Twitter – @remotetragic.


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