Review: DC Universe Rebirth #1

DCRebirthCoverOh holy crap, oh holy crap, OH HOLY CRAP!

I feel like Geoff Johns just mic dropped on fans in a massively awesome way. Talk about a SQUEE moment!

Since HolyBatGirl read the issue when it was released last week, she’s really been on me about giving the comic a go. “You’ll love it.” she said, “You’ll die in the last page!” she insisted. I thought she was just having a laugh.

Turns out… she was NOT KIDDING.

I am first to admit that my comic knowledge is limited at best (for now) at this stage, but given that The Watchmen was one of the very first comics I had ever read – this turned out to be the best thing for this particular comic. The comic also provides a statement at the start providing some clarity of the timeline of when this story has taken place and instructs readers to read these comics first. (FYI – After Justice League #50 and Superman #52) Because I am a rebel, I didn’t do that – but I do wonder if my experience with this comic would have been enhanced even more so if I did read these comics? Note to universe, I will get to them I promise!

We follow as Wally West (Kid Flash) is desperate to get in contact with several different members of the universe, seemingly jumping into the world via electrical currents and time. Something has taken place of where he is no longer remembered and he is met with devastation when he isn’t by those he loves. We follow as members of the DC Universe (Atom and Superman, just to name a few) are anchored into this story of where time (approx ten years?) has gone missing. There are several surprising things we learn a long the way such as Wonder Woman has a twin brother, there are THREE Jokers, along with a few other things that move the story along. The biggest part of the story (in my opinion) is Wally’s desperation to get in contact with Batman to deliver a cryptic message, ‘The letter your father left – started it all.’ The last few scenes in the first issue, see Batman pick through the Batcave and reveal a blood stained Watchmen badge. (The epilogue of the comic show Dr Manhattan was behind the adjustment of time)

watchmen-11*mic drop*

As I was reading the first few pages, immediately I was drawn in and thought “Wow, this talk of time is a real throwback to The Watchmen”. But never… in my wildest dreams did I think that a reference or inclusion of The Watchmen would be in this comic.


The possibilities of where this could go are completely endless and has generated a few theories and questions. Is The Comedian one of The Jokers? What will happen with Wonder Woman’s twin brother?

And just putting it out there, that if in this world The Comedian and Batman go toe-to-toe and start an epic, awesome fight. Prepare for me to have kittens. YOU WILL HEAR THE MEOWING PEOPLE!

This comic has absolutely peaked my interest and now I am keen as ever to read more. Look forward to reading some more in the Rebirth series, and how the world can captivate me even more.

Don’t you love it when a comic can generate so much excitement from you, that you are just so keen jelly bean to talk about it with everyone? This is absolutely what this comic did for me. I cannot… wait to see what happens next!

Do you have any comic recommendations for me? Let me know in the comments below or via my Twitter – @remotetragic.

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