#FridayFirsts: The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1

IMG_8510Given I am new to the comics universe, I thought it’d be handy to sort through some of the first issues that I pick, what I enjoyed / didn’t enjoy and if I decided to proceed with the series. I’d love to hear what you think too, make sure you hit me up on Twitter – @remotetragic.

This week, I had a look at The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1.

Instantly I was drawn to the cover, which had her hoisted on the shoulders of The Avengers. So I thought that there would be some sort of special appearance there – but alas no, not in the first issue.

The first impression I have of this comic is that its cute. I don’t mean that in a condescending way, but a genuine it’s a cute comic way. Squirrel Girl has a ‘theme song’ (which is adorable) and she talks to squirrels (as she part squirrel after all). This comic is perfect for someone who doesn’t like violent action or harsh language.

The premise of the first issue is that Squirrel Girl (SG) assumes a ‘secret identity’ (aka Doreen Green) as she moves out of the attic at the Avengers mansion (did they know she lived there?!) and heads off college. There’s quite a bit of banter between  SG and her side-kick Tippy Toe (a squirrel), which is punctuated by SG stopping crime (without breaking stride) on her walk to her new college dorm. Of course, her first day of college is interrupted by one of Spiderman’s enemies and an altercation occurs.

A point I wanted to make a note of, is the Squirrel Girl isn’t your typical female super hero. I liked that she was different both in how she looks and how she was presented.

While there are laugh out loud moments in the comic, being honest this wasn’t my type of story or comic premise. I can absolutely see why it would appeal to some – those that enjoy a slower paced story, no harsh language or violent action – but I wasn’t gripped within the first issue, so I don’t foresee me continuing on with the series.

Are there any first issues you’d like to see me review? Feel free to leave me a comment below or on Twitter – @remotetragic with your suggestions!


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