FCBD Review: Saga & We Can Never Go Home

IMG_8325I had the fortune of experiencing my very first Free Comic Book Day this year with my best friend, Mel.

I set off the day heading to my local comic shop first, picked up a copy of The Death of Captain America (Vol. 1) and the FCBD offer of Steve Rogers: Captain America and Civil War II.

A short train journey into Melbourne city and I met Mel at All Star Comics where I was truly schooled in all things comics. I knew some free comics that I wanted to pick up already (Suicide Squad, Bob’s Burgers). I also bought The Killing Joke and Rat Queens (Vol. 1), two comics that I had heard a lot about!

Two comics that I was encouraged to pick up as part of FCBD and what I will talk about today are Saga and We Can Never Go Home. 


This comic was a real surprise to me, and I almost disregarded it at first purely because of the cover. I know, I am such a snob. 😛

The colours used within the comic are truly beautiful. Strong greens throughout, you cannot help but be captivated by the beauty of the drawings and the colour palette. Dependent on the action or tone, the colours change fittingly suit how the audience should feel with each interaction.

The main characters, Marko and Alana, instantly are likeable. I am not ashamed to say Alana is my favourite. Dropping an ‘f-bomb’ during a particularly tense moment made her more real and authentic.

A throwback to a Romeo and Juliet-esque like story, it doesn’t take long for the true action to begin. It becomes quickly obvious that these forbidden lovers are being hunted and why. Immediately, I found myself becoming their advocate wanting them to succeed as much as possible and was disappointed when the first chapter was over.

It was for this reason I sought out volume one, so stay tuned for a review on that!


I know that this comic was paired with Young Terrorists but I think We Can Never Go Home really stood out of the two, even though it was a bit short. But I think that made it even more so that I wanted more!

Morgan’s punchy attitude drew me in. The deep purple etched across the skyline meant the focus was on the characters and the conversation they were having. When the mood changes, the colour of the comic changes from the deep purple to a mustard.

Then it happens. The door creaks open and it’s a full colour page – no words necessary – of what is happening outside in the parking lot. I don’t want to spoil it but it’s pretty darn intriguing!

“She’s amazing”

Why yes… yes she is.

Looking forward to reading more of this one too!




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